Terms and conditions

Introduction to our services

We, AGMinfo with our website www.agminfo.eu, make it possible for shareholders and other stakeholders to access all necessary information about general shareholders meetings of listed European companies and will enable shareholders to vote on the voting items of said meetings. We have a service for retail investors, for issuers, for intermediaries that serve investors and for other stakeholders. AGMinfo is a trade name of BorderXingInfo B.V., a company incorporated in the Netherlands with LEI number 7245006XE8FCY6OKS096.

Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use create a contract between you and us if you make use of these webpages (our “Webpages Services”) and/or our internet application (the “Application”). The European Database Directive 96/9/EC of 11 March 1996 is applicable to our services.

Any user that starts to use these Webpages Services confirms that he/she accepts our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Content of our Webpages Services

These Webpages Services contain an aggregation of available information that has been made public by the listed company involved or by other parties.

The accuracy or completeness of any information that is made available to our users remains the sole responsibility of the party that is the original publisher of that information. AGMinfo cannot and does not accept liability for any inaccuracy or incompleteness in this information.

Use of the Webpages Services

Users may not access, download, print, link, (re)distribute or (re)publish (part of) the information available through the Webpages Services other than for personal use, except after obtaining our explicit written approval.

Users that register for our paid services obtain a username and password and access to an account. Your username and password must be kept confidential at all times. A password should never be shared or exposed to others. You will not let anyone else access your account or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account. We reserve the right to close your account at any time, if in our reasonable opinion you have failed to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

A registration to use our paid services for a given period may be cancelled within 14 days without cause by sending an email that contains your invoice number to contact@agminfo.eu. A subscription is automatically extended for the same period unless you give a notice of termination (the “Notice”) to contact@agminfo.eu. The Notice must contain your invoice number and must have been received by us at least one month prior to the date that a User wishes the subscription to end.

Your requests for information

If you make use of the “contact” function of the Webpages Services, we will formulate a response as soon as possible and to do so you give us permission without further consultation with you to contact any organisations(s) you have mentioned in your mail and to forward your complete mail to them if required. We may conclude that another organisation with whom we have an arrangement is better qualified to respond to your question. In the event the responses cannot be delivered free of charge, you will be informed on the cost before any follow up action will be undertaken. You will not be charged unless you have expressly accepted to pay for certain specified costs.

No Investment- or voting recommendations

We do not deliver any investment recommendation for any of the listed companies and/or voting recommendation(s) for any of the general meetings.


We protect the privacy of our users in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and implementing regulation in force in the Netherlands from time to time.

Intellectual property

Users will respect our intellectual property rights as used in the provision of our services, including the rights to our brand name AGMinfo. No distribution of the content of our services or our brand name is permitted without our written approval.

Invoice and payment conditions

The fees due for the provision of our services are charged via periodic electronic invoice denominated in Euros, that is placed in your account that can be accessed in the upper right hand corner of the Application sent to you via email to the address you have provided us with when registering to use these services. The amount charged for services provided is due regardless of whether you receive the relevant invoice and you yourself are responsible for ensuring that we have your correct email address at all times and that our emails are not caught by any spam filter or equivalent process. We are entitled to make periodically an inflation adjustment to the amount you pay based on the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices HICP as compiled by Eurostat and the national statistical institutes of the relevant EU-member states in accordance with harmonized statistical methods. Consumers can pay us through iDEAL or through a VISA or MasterCard credit card. In due course we will also collect payments using a SEPA Direct Debit mandate, which you must provide when registering to use our paid services.

Disclaimer of warranties and waiver of liability

We strive to ensure that the content of the Webpages Services is up-to-date, complete and factually correct. Users agree that any use of the content of our Webpages Services is at their own sole risk.

We do not guarantee an error free service of information made available to us by third parties.

We disclaim all liability for damages caused by any interruptions or errors in accessing our services or any websites we use, howsoever caused.

Security of information made available via the internet can never be guaranteed. Users are responsible for protecting access to their computer, phone, or other device through which they access our services, including safeguarding the security of their password. We do not warrant that the services made available to you are free of viruses.

If, in spite of the limitations in liability as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions of Use, anyone that is involved in the delivery of any service related to the Webpages , the Webpages Services or the Application, including but not limited to the parties who place information in the Application, the parties that manage and/or host the website on which the Application is located, the parties that own websites on which the Webpages are embedded, the parties that are the original publishers of the information, the owners of the Application and the builders of the Application’s Software is nevertheless held liable, except for damages that are the result of gross negligence (“grove schuld”) or wilful misconduct (“opzet”), for any other reason whatsoever, then the amount due by the liable party to the claiming party under that contractual obligation is maximised at the total amount that has been paid by the claiming party to the liable party for the services in the contract year that the damages occurred.

Amendments of our general terms and conditions

We reserve the right to change the Webpages Services including the content of our Terms and Conditions of Use without an announcement in advance to our users. Users are recommended to review our Terms and Conditions of Use regularly.

Applicable law, complaints, and disagreements

Our relationship with you, the users of our services, is governed by Dutch law.

Complaints related to our services need to be brought to our attention via complaints@agminfo.eu.

Any disagreements or disputes relating to the use of our services or these Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.